Things I Can Not Say

Short film | in development

“Things I Cannot Say” is a powerful short film that explores the provocative question – who’s in control of our body? Are our bodies just a means of biological reproduction, or are they an extension of our uniquely personal inner lives?

Crafted by Sonia Komarova and Emīlija Karetņikova, the script tells the personal story of Andra, a 19-year-old fencer, whose life turns upside down, when a test reveals that she is intersex. This throws Andra into a seemingly never-ending and often harsh medical world, challenging her identity.

Through a compelling mix of surreal imagery and genuine emotion, we aim to produce a visually stunning film that not only entertains but educates, shedding light on the intersex community’s challenges while offering a story of hope and empowerment.

Though it is difficult to know for sure, it is estimated that up to 1,7% of population are born intersex, and a lot of them don’t feel safe talking about it. Even more, there are numerous different medical conditions that are not understood by society at large. Exploring these stories helps us learn that every life matters, and that there is no place for cruelty or hostility against people we might not fully understand. 

The story of this film is based on a real events, experienced by the director as well as the lead actress of the film, including a situation where one of them was locked in a doctor’s office and told not to say a word to anyone about what’s going on with their body. We believe that it is important to tell this story and not only raise awareness of being intersex, but the attitude towards people who are different.

“Things I Can Not Say” is a very personal project based on my own experiences as an intersex person (someone who doesn’t fit the strict boxes of male and female). The intersex community is constantly fighting for dignified medical treatment. Raising awareness about these struggles and about intersex people in general is a crucial part of the fight for change.
Sonia Komarova


Cast – Sasha Komarova, Arnolds Osis, Rūta Kirikova, Aīda Ozoliņa


Director – Sonia Komarova

Producer – Emīls Alps

Director of Photography – Nikita Popkov

Script co-writer – Emīlija Karetņikova


Art Director – Elīna Šteinberga

Costume Designer – Krišjānis Brasliņš

Makeup artist – Linda Sams


Assistant Director – Katrīna Birkenberga

Assistant producer – Anete Strode

Location manager – Seleste Vlasova

Sound director – Pēteris Pāss