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Short film | development

When a wannabe soccer mom leaves a scattering review about a drive-through, it sparks a chain of events that leave an aspiring writer without a job and a government official in a fierce rivalry with his co-worker. These three upper middle-class people, feeling mistreated by the world, go to extreme lengths to win in life. Gunda is trying her best to earn a spot to a writer’s residency in Oslo. Armands is trying to get a rarely opened job position. But Hilda – a first place trophy for her 14-year-old daughter Sofia. As their desire to win sets their world into chaos, they soon will have to learn that – no matter what you have, you will always want more.

Cannes Short Film Corner

Baltic Pitching Forum

Torino Talents and Short Film Market

The project is currently in the development stage, with the directors working on a new draft of the script. We plan to start pre-production right after, and begin filming in spring of 2025.


Director – Līva Polkmane, Marta Šleiere

Producer – Emīls Alps

Director of Photography – Ritvars Bluka


Art Director – Elīna Šteinberga

Makeup artist – Linda Sams

Assistant Director – Matīss Saulītis